Payroll Direct Deposit

The Reliable and Efficient Way to Pay Your Employees.

What is direct deposit?

ACH direct deposits or electronic funds transfers (EFTs) deposit money into a bank account without having to print or handle paper checks. Paying employees via direct deposit is more secure and convenient for both you and your employees. 

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Benefits of Direct Deposit


  • Save time and money by not printing paper checks
  • Give employees instant access to funds on payday
  • Reduce the risk of lost or stolen checks
  • Help increase employee satisfaction and retention


  • Provides immediate access to funds on payday – no matter where they are
  • Eliminates trips to the bank to deposit payroll checks
  • Reduces the risk of lost, stolen, or misplaced paper checks
  • Allows for greater control over their money

Minimize Risk with Wire Drawdown

Wire Drawdown is a business to business transaction where the company authorizes Kotapay to withdraw funds from their account via a wire transfer to secure funds for next day settlement. This good funds model minimizes risk by protecting against payroll NSF's.

Apply thresholds for your clients when a drawdown should occur. This can be a specific dollar amount that once exceeded, would automatically trigger a wire drawdown.

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What about unbanked employees?

Do you have employees who don’t have a bank account? Not a problem! Kotapay has partnered with Fintwist to provide payroll cards that give unbanked employees the same convenience as traditional direct deposit. Fintwist payroll cards work like reloadable debit cards and are backed by Mastercard, giving users secure and immediate access to funds.

What other ACH transactions does Kotapay offer?

In addition to payroll direct deposits, Kotapay provides other types of employee ACH transactions, including:

  • 1099 payments
  • Annuities & dividend/interest payments
  • Business-to-business payments
  • Commission & bonus payments
  • Expense reimbursements
  • Accounts receivables
  • Tax payments
  • Vendor payments

Without payroll software, is direct deposit still possible?

Whether you’re scheduling payments for employees or vendors, KotaConnecttm gives you a secure, easy-to-use online tool to do it all. No software required. Manage your electronic payments with the best flexibility and security in the industry with KotaConnect.

Does your business provide payroll processing services to customers? Learn how Kotapay can help streamline your business.

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